Gisele Posted (Then Deleted) an Anti-Trump Protest Tweet During Patriots' Visit

Yesterday, as you may already know, was the big day where the winning Super Bowl Team traditionally visits the White House.

Tom Brady, who was widely publicized to support Donald Trump's run early on only to later remain silent on the matter, had to bow out of the visit last minute due to family reasons.

But was his wife the family? Probably not, but she certainly isn't shy about making her feelings about Trump known. During the election she responded with an enthusiastic "NO!" when someone asked if she and hubby were voting for him.

Yesterday, during the visit, Gisele tweeted out the following (and deleted after, probably deciding it wasn't the time to stir the pot)

The march, the People's Climate Movement, is a direct response to the current administration's policies on it's official 100th day in office. 

Thumbnail via Getty Images


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