Ja Rule and Billy McFarland Officially BANNED From Producing Another Festival in the Bahamas

He was NOT there when you called,
He WASN'T on time,
And he SURE didn't give it his all,

and for those reasons, Ja Rule is not allowed to throw another Fyre festival.

TMZ Reports that the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is stepping in and not allowing Ja Rule and Billy McFarland to have another go at Fyre festival, 2018.

Sources at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism tell TMZ the agency will be implementing a stricter vetting system for future festivals, and it will check in with organizers multiple times during the planning process.

We're told the only reason the Ministry didn't step in sooner with the Fyre Festival is because it didn't have the authority. It was a private event, so the government couldn't get involved until guests' safety became an issue.

As for the original planners of Fyre festival, they're specifically barred from even THINKING about trying it again. Though why would they even consider trying again?

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