Yelling Swears Can Make You Stronger, Study Finds

Swearing out loud can make you stronger, according to the findings of a recent study.

Keele University researchers carried out two experiments that showed swearing improved performance.

In one test, subjects pedaled on an exercise bike at full speed for 30 seconds, once after swearing and another time after saying a ‘neutral’ word.

A second test was conducted in similar fashion with a strength-reading handgrip.

In the first test, subjects were found to be 4.8% stronger – they were 8.2% stronger in the second test.

Dr Richard Stephens of Keele University, said, “The results consistently showed that swearing was helping, but not in the way we thought it would. One explanation is that swearing distracts people from pain. Or it might be that swearing makes people more disinhibited – it makes them let go. When you’re not holding back, you’re not worried about what you’re doing, that could enable extra performance.”

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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