Kiss Concert Backstage Style Report

So the day we were waiting for alllll year has come and gone. Along with it, forever memories of an incredible show. Along with the tunes were some pretty distinct styles. 

Celebrity makeup artist Debra Macki met with all your fave #Kiss108KissConcert performers about their looks:

Flo Rida
Flo Rida's Sneaks

DM: I always love your bling. Tell me everything about what you have on.

F: Robin Jeans Hat and shirt. 

DM: Those kicks tho. I’m obsessed. Who are they by?

F: Phillip Plein

DM: Do you have any fashion collaborations coming up?

F: I’m working on my own shoe line right now.

DM: What jeweler have you been working with lately?

F: Nick the Jeweler from Houston Texas

Skylar Stecker

DM: When you told Billy Costa you wanted to be buried in that Ashton Michael outfit, all I can think of is  2 Chainz singing "When I die, bury me inside that Louis store" ha ha.

S: Oh my God. Ha ha ha. That’s so funny.

DM: How did you start working with Ashton?

S: He’s done stuff for Beyonce. I’ve been Instagram stalking him for a while and my PR team got me in with him. We hit it off.

DM: Your style is cute and sexy at the same time. I see you in sneakers a lot. You have on cute iridescent Nikes today. You must love performing in them instead of heels. 

S: Yes! My mom said wear sneakers as often as you can. They are so much easier performing in.

DM: What other designers do you like to wear?

S: I love Alice and Olivia. She’s awesome. She wears all her own stuff and I think that’s cool.

DM: If you have to do one thing for a show without a pro helping you, what are you most confident in- hair, makeup, or styling?

S: I am most confident doing my makeup.

DM: Well it looks great. I’m a makeup artist so I’d tell you. Lol.

S: I love the glitter you are wearing!

DM: This glitter is from Lemonhead  LA. There is no fall out. 

S: Are you serious? No fall out? That’s so awesome.

DM: Yes! I use it in my editorial photo shoots a lot. What are your favorite lashes to wear?

S: I mostly wear Lilly Lashes but Ardell are good too.


DM: Which one of you has the most fashion sense? 

AJR: The most fashionable thing about us is your hat (pointing to Jack)

DM: Who’s it by?

AJR: LL Bean

DM: Aren’t you hot in that hat today, Jack?

AJR: Yes I’m a furry caveman. Ha ha

DM: Any brands you’ve been working with lately?

AJR: We worked with Penguin for a show and it was fun. 

DM: Do you have any fashion collabs in the works?

AJR: We have a project in development with Converse right now. Our imaging will be on the shoes.

Noah Cyrus

NC: Oh my God I love your hair! Someone did an edit of me today with that color hair and I was like- “Oh my God I want it!”

DM: Thanks! Who is your favorite designer to wear?

NC: I love Marc Jacobs. I’ve been dressed by Marc a few times. I kind of like wearing off brands. My favorite thing to wear when I’m dressing myself is a Champion hoodie or overalls. I wear designers on the red carpet.

DM: Your skin is glowing. What are you wearing?

NC: Thank you! I wear Dior foundation in the lightest color because I have the fairest skin and Kylie sent me her highlighters. I love them!

DM: Your go to look is the winged eyeliner and glowing skin. Do you have any tips on getting the perfect wing?

NC: I love that the pen eyeliner is easy to place the shape. Just press the pen and you’ll have the shape. Here’s a great tip- if you are doing the wing, do your eyes first so you don’t mess up your foundation!

DM: I agree, that is a great tip!

Hey Violet

DM: What hair color brands do you like for your fuchsia hair?

 HV: Pravana, Special FX, Arctic Fox, Manic Panic, Good Dye Young.. What do you use in your hair?

DM: I love Pravana. I would also recommend Celeb Luxury for a Colorwash shampoo. You should try it. You’ll love it.

DM: Do you guys do you own makeup for shows?

HV: We do our own for shows. The only time a makeup artist does it is for red carpet.

DM: What makeup brands do you use? 

HV: Make Up For Ever, Artist Couture.

DM: What do you use for that poppin’ highlight?

HV: Artist Couture, LK Cosmetics.

DM: You need to try the new Becca Glow palette and the Too Faced Love Light highlighters. You will be obsessed. I use them on my clients and they die over them.

HV: Oh my God! Yes!!!

DM: Ok sorry boys. All we are talking about is beauty! What clothing brands do you love?

HV: St. Laurent for splurge but also thrifting. Top Man is a great go to. American Apparel before it died. Ha!


DM: I love how you embrace natural beauty. 

MO: In the beginning of performing I felt like I had to put a lot of makeup on. I would end up sweating it all off and it wasn’t me so I started doing it natural.

DM: What inspired you to cut your hair?

MO: At the moment I am obsessed with Juliette Lewis in her early twenties and Chloe Sevigny. This boyish haircut allows you to be a little bit more sexy without overdoing it. It balances it out. I was scared to cut it but I’m glad I did.

DM: It works so great for you. I love it!

DM: What designers are you wearing lately?

MO: I love something with a punk vibe or vintage. Alexander Wang is one of my absolute favorites. I love the mix of femininity and androgyny. 

James Arthur

DM: Have you been working with any designers lately that you love?

JA: I am a fan of outlandish shirts. I went to Paris recently and got myself a few Christian Lacroix shirts. I wear Louis Vuitton too. I love Connor McGregor and Bruno Mars’ style.

DM: You have great skin. Do you think you have to take better care of your skin on tour? Do you have any skincare tips for your fans?

JA: I think you have to look after your skin. I try to drink a lot of water. It’s the best thing for your skin. I use L’Oreal. and Lab Series. I moisturize a lot. 

DM: Your skin is beautiful. Do you have to work hard at keeping your skin great or is it just genetics?

JA: I have to work at it because my skin is very sensitive and fair. I have to get sensitive skin products because my skin can get red.

DM: Have you seen the new Gucci campaign? It’s so dope. How do you feel about it?

JA: I love Gucci!

DM: Who’s your favorite for the red carpet?

JA: Gucci or Ralph Lauren

Jon Bellion

DM: You have a very chill style. How would you describe it?

JB: It might be no style. HA ha. I try to stay comfortable and stay as low key as possible.

DM: Any favorite kicks lately?

JB: Nike’s new Air Max.  They sent them to me before they came out. I’m a lazy dresser. I wear moccasins a lot.

DM: Isn’t it the best when you get a product before it’s released?

JB: Oh my God yes. I want to show everyone.


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