Substitute Teacher in Littleton Takes a Knee During Pledge of Allegiance

The principal of a Littleton school told CBS that a substitute teacher knelt during the Pledge of Allegiance on Thursday. The principal went on to say that, while the teacher’s intentions were good, she should not have taken such action.

Russell Street School Principal Scott Bazydlo said, in a letter to parents, that the unidentified teacher took a knee before speaking to students about her political views. Bazydlo said that, while the school respects the rights of individuals to respectfully abstain from taking part in the pledge, that it is “imperative” to provide students with all sides and perspectives to let them form their own opinions.

“While this topic is timely and does have educational merit, it should be addressed sensitively and age-appropriately by permanent faculty and inclusive of the beliefs of all children and families,” Bazydlo wrote to parents. “While well-intended, this conversation was not part of the classroom teacher’s plans and should not have taken place in the fashion it did.”


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