This Is Why You Never Flush Dental Floss

You're supposed to floss every day, and we hope you do. But according to Huffington Post, you better be throwing that floss in the trash and not in the toilet. 

See, you're warned about other non-biodegradable items like tampons and baby wipes, but floss poses a huge threat given that it can entangle everything else:

Dental floss is made of nylon or Teflon and isn’t biodegradable. Because it doesn’t break down, it can cause serious clogs and environmental damage when flushed down your home toilet, according to Boulden Brothers, a Delaware-based plumbing company. 

When dental floss flushes down your toilet, it can wrap around hair, toilet paper, wipes, tampons and fecal matter in the pipes. 

“When [floss gets] go into the wastewater system they end up balling up into these big clumps and getting the workings of our system stuck or broken,” Andrea Pook, spokeswoman for the East Bay Municipal Utility District, told HuffPost. 


Thumbnail Photo Via Getty Images


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