Halsey Gushes About Dating G-Eazy

"Bad At Love" singer Halsey opened up about her relationship with G-Eazy backstage at our Kiss 108 Jingle Ball.

The couple recently teamed up for the song, "Him & I," a duet with an accompanying video that is honest and true to themselves.

"What's wrong with what we already have?" Halsey questioned, "What's wrong with what's real? Why do we have to pretend to be something we're not?" Instead of presenting a false sense of glamour, the two decided to film a low budget video chronicling true elements of their relationship. "Let's give them what we really are."

In the same vein, Halsey revealed the couple has an adorable flaw.

"We're both super clumsy," Halsey laughed. "We look really cool on stage, but in real life, we're both... tripping each other, knocking into stuff, dropping our coffee, slamming each other's heads in the car door."

Check out the full interview below:

Photo: Jordan Corey/Kiss 108

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