The Jingle Ball Style Update

Stylist Debra Macki talked backstage with Kelly Clarkson, Why Don't We, and more about their Jingle Ball styles and more!

Kelly Clarkson

KC: I love your hair!

DM: Thanks so much. I love the gown with the feathers you wore at the AMAS. Who designed it?

KC: Christian Siriano. I felt like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. He did such an amazing job. He designed all my AMAs gowns.

DM: What would you wear on stage if you didn't have a stylist? 

KC: If Candace my stylist didn't exist I'd be wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a baseball hat. Thank God for her!

Sabrina Carpenter

DM: In your recent Vanity Fair article you said that the last couple of years have been experimental for you. What are your takeaways from that? What designers are you obsessed with lately?

SC:  I have been experimenting with a lot of designers. I was always a fan of fashion but in experimenting with it you really learn what works and what does not work. I have been experimenting with colors and different shapes. You really find out that it is art more than anything. It's walking art. It's been a fun experiment on stage as well as the red carpet for me. I love your jacket!

DM: Thanks so much.


DM: Your clothes are always fun. How would you describe your style?

M:  I love colorful shiny luxurious, but thrifty luxurious,  because I'm trying to ball on a budget. I love the kind of vibe that there is nothing to hide, let your personality show.

DM: What splurge item have you most recently purchased?

M: Vintage Moschino jacket


L: Your hair is so dope!

DM: Thanks so much! 

Tell me something that your fans might not know about your style and how you get ready for shows.

L: I recently just bought a coat at a truck stop. I like combining simple and interesting stuff with designer items.

Why Don't We

DM: Which one of you takes the longest to get ready?

WDW: Daniel

DM: Are one of you more opinionated about what you are wearing as a group? 

WDW: Daniel

Daniel: I thought this was going to be a fun fashion interview lol

DM: Ha! I love your shirt. Who is the designer?

Daniel: Our Legacy

DM: Who are your favorite designers right now?

WDW: Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Gucci

DM: OMG the new Gucci is everything. Are u guys as obsessed as I am?

WDW: It's sooooooo good 

DM: If someone wanted to get your look on a budget, what stores would you suggest? 

WDW: We love Urban Outfitters, PAC Sun, H & M

Daniel: I got a dope Beatles shirt from Walmart 

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