Kiss Concert 2018 Style Blog

Billy Costa and Debra Macki

Billy Costa

DM: So 5 Seconds of Summer mentioned how great you look today like 5 times. You are doing something right! Tell me what you are wearing.

BC: Giblees Fine Men’s Clothing from head to toe. They are on 114 in Danvers and just opened a new location in the financial district of Boston. 

DM: I like the new hair style you are rocking. It requires a lot of product I’m sure. What have you been using?

BC: Thank you! Aveda & Kevin Murphy

MAX and Debra Macki


DM: The last time I saw you, we both had on iridescent green shoes. Today, your glasses match my hair. Lol. 

MAX: Ha ha, yes! I love your shoes!

DM: Thank you! I love how your look stays consistent. I know your wife helps you with your styling a lot. Tell me about your process. 

MAX: I’m always trying to keep everything shiny and bring out my inner personality through fashion. My wife does a lot of vintage shopping for me. 

DM: Does she contribute on set even when you have a stylist? 

MAX: Yes! I trust her more than anyone to get my personality across. 

Jack & Jack and Debra Macki

Jack & Jack

DM: OMG your shoes. Who is the designer? 

JJ: Maison Margiela

DM: I’m completely obsessed! 

JJ: They are the first pair of designer shoes I’ve ever bought. 

DM: What was your first designer shoe purchase JG? 

JG: Balenciagas

DM: If you could do a shoe collab with anyone, who would it be?

JJ: Do you know the artist Basquiat?

DM: Yes! Jean-Michel Basquiat is an amazing graffiti artist. He just did a dope collab with Urban Decay Cosmetics. You should totally make that happen!

DM: Who is yours?

JG: I would say Louis Vuitton. 

Bazzi and Debra Macki


DM: I love your Gucci shirt. I’m obsessed with their new line. 

B: Yes! They are so good at staying relevant. I like luxury brands but I don’t like obvious pieces with big logos.

DM: What was your first big designer purchase?

B: That’s a great question and it was the start of a very unhealthy habit.

DM: It’s a slippery slope. Ha ha

B: Yes it is! The first piece was about a year ago. It was a Gucci satchel. I just love fashion.

5 Seconds of Summer and Debra Macki

5 Seconds of Summer

DM: Your look has evolved so much since you started. Tell me about your process and any challenges you may have staying consistent as a group. 

Michael: Going into this, we wanted us all to feel individual. It’s a conscious effort but at the same time natural. Fashion, especially among our fan base, is so important. When we wear clothes, our fans will go out and buy the same thing. We realize we have an impact on them.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

This girl slayed with her look at Kiss Concert. She mixed athleisure with high end sparkle. 


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