Monsta X Gush Over Monbebes, New Collab Coming Soon

Monsta X

Monsta X

Backstage with Tiff Potter at the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball, Monsta X took a moment to thank their fans.

"Our fans - Monbebes - they really have passion, they really love us and give us lots of support."

They also noted the difference between their Korean and American fans.

"American fans are more... insane," I.M admits, "easy to get excited."

Jooheon jumps in, adding "They're doing good rapping, singing... everything."

But a word of advice for Monbebes.

When asked what was their craziest fan experience, Shownu remembered an incident in Mexico where ladies ladies threw underwear at the stage.

Maybe hold off on throwing the undergarments....

PLUS I.M hints that a new collaboration is coming soon, but it's top secret!

Watch the full interview below!

Photo: Getty Images

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