Keurig-Like Machine Lets You Make Self-Serve Ice Cream at Home

Here’s an invention that could put a hurt on your new year’s diet. LG has created the Keurig-like ‘SnowWhite’ – an instant soft-serve machine that utilizes a touchscreen and series of pods. You may never need to make that ice cream trip ever again.

The machine takes two pods: a flavor pod and a base pod that determines consistency (ice cream, gelato, custard, etc).

Unfortunately, the ‘SnowWhite’ is still in the prototype phase and a release date has not yet been revealed (though the company says it is on the way). The machine was first previewed at SXSW 2019 and instantly became a viral hit.

If the ‘SnowWhite’ makes an appearance at this year’s show, it will no doubt top last year’s introduction of the automated HomeBrew machine for home beer brewing.

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