#Beersketball Challenge: Matty Versus Billy

It was a battle for the ages. On Wednesday, Matty in the Morning posted a video of himself flawlessly and casually completing the viral #Beersketball Challenge, in which a person has to bounce a beer on top of a basketball, catch the beer and take a drink. One day and thousands of IG views later, Matty challenged Billy Costa to also take on the challenge. Billy responded with a 1-take gem, in which he had to lunge to prevent his bottle from hitting the pavement.

Two very different, but equally impressive performances. Check out the two videos below and let us know who you thought did it better, Matty or Billy?

Matty’s #Beersketball Challenge:

Billy’s #Beersketball Challenge:

The #Beersketball Challenge was made famous by Brad Paisley and his fans, following the release of his song “No I in Beer.” Paisley posted a montage of himself and fans successfully completing the challenge, with the caption “There is no I in Beersketball! #beersketball:”

He followed it up with the outtakes from previous attempts:

Hey, not everyone can do it in one take like our guys Matty and Billy.

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