Woman Shows Why We’ve Been Eating Hot Dogs Wrong The Whole Time

Hot dogs are the number one summer food in America, but they’re not perfect. Putting health-related gripes aside, the grilling favorite can be very messy to eat, after it’s been loaded up with condiments. But, one TikTocker has totally resolved this issue with a life hack that couldn’t be simpler.

Sheena Marie, known on TikTok as Sheenamarieq has gone viral with her video showing her un-patented (at time of publication) method for twisting the frank after applying the toppings. Crazy, right? How has no one thought of this before?

The soundtrack for the video features audio of a British woman, saying: "Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day, which is now an unconscious standard practice in your life. I'll go first." The caption reads "no more messy ketchup and mustard on your lips #lifehacks.”

The post, published on May 31, has received over 118,000 likes, by the time this article was published.

It seems so obvious, but it’s changed the summer barbecue game forever.

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