Here’s Where Boston Ranks Among The ‘Most Glamorous’ Cities In The U.S.

Photo: Getty Images

Many of us dream of living the high life of luxury cars, expensive clothes, country club memberships, and the whole nine. Even if you’re not completely materialistic, though, who doesn’t like to get a little fancy sometimes?

A big part of achieving that five-star lifestyle (even if just for a few hours) is, of course, location, location, location! So, the people at Lawnstarter ranked the 200 biggest U.S. cities, based on 35 indicators of exclusivity, such as household wealth, access to Michelin-starred restaurants, and Fashion Week participation.

Boston came in at #8 on the list overall, behind San Francisco (#1), New York (#2), Miami (#3), Washington, D.C. (#4), Seattle (#5), Chicago (#6) and Los Angeles (#7). Boston was found to be among the best cities for entertainment (#10), fine dining (#6) and fashion (#4). Fellow New England city Providence, R.I. slid into the top 50 at #47.

Click here for the full list.

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