If You Saw The Viral News Story About Married Twins This Weekend....It Was a Hoax

Over the weekend, a story went viral about a married couple who discovered they were twins during IVF treatment. I know I shared it to my friends who in turn shared it as well.

Well, I'm not the only one who was duped because turns out the story is fake news.

News sources across the world picked the story up including Fox News and the Daily Mirror. Apparently the originator of the source was the Mississippi Herald who posted the story on April 13.

There's only one problem....the Mississippi Herald is not a real news site. The website lists no editors or writers anywhere - just an email.

Snopes.com noted the story is VERY similar to a previous fake story from "The Denver Inquirer."

Welp, at least I wasn't the only one fooled by this fake news.

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