There is a $1 Bill Worth $10,000 Going Into Circulation in Boston

Starting today, June 15th, you're going to want to start checking the dollar bills you receive as change in Boston.

Last year, Detroit-based Ally Financial dropped “lucky pennies” worth a thousand bucks each in various locations. This year, the lender is upping the ante, and will put $1 bills worth $100, $5,000 and $10,000 in the general circulation of Boston and 14 other cities. 

But the way money travels across the country as it’s spent, returned in change and spent again, even someone whose city isn’t on the list could end up with a $10,000 windfall.

Here’s how the promotion works: An anonymous “dollar dropper” will spend $7,500 in participating cities at places like convenience stores, coffee shops and other places where cash is frequently used and the money will go into general circulation. Of those dollar bills, 150 are worth $100, six are worth $5,000 and one is worth $10,000.

To check your dollars, go to the Ally Hardest Working Dollar contest website and enter the serial numbers. You’ll have to put in your email address, and Ally will ask if it can send you information on a new financial product, but you can decline and still participate in the promotion.

TOMORROW dollars will be dropped in Boston!

Here’s the release schedule for the remaining cities:

  • Seattle: Wednesday, June 14
  • Boston: Thursday, June 15
  • Philadelphia and Portland: Monday, June 19
  • Dallas: Thursday, June 22
  • Phoenix: Monday, June 26
  • St. Louis: Thursday, June 29
  • Charlotte: Friday, June 30
  • Atlanta and Salt Lake City: Monday, July 3
  • Market to be determined by popular demand: Thursday, July 6

Ally is using the contest to promote its new online Ally Invest product.

Good luck!




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