The Chainsmokers Turn Kiss Concert Into Family Reunion

The Chainsmokers are back in Boston for our Kiss 108 Kiss Concert, and to Drew and Alex, it feels a lot like home.

The duo has a residency at Wynn in Las Vegas. As they drove past the Encore (formerly the Wynn Boston) on the way to the show, the two joked about how familiar the sight is.

"It's a trip. Because it looks exactly the same as the one in Vegas."

Photo: Richard Knowles for Kiss 108

But Boston is special to The Chainsmokers for more than just the sights.

Although the duo currently live in LA, Drew Taggart is originally from Freeport, Maine. Coming back to the East Coast for the Kiss Concert gave Drew the opportunity to reconnect with his family who still live in the area.

They even came out to Mansfield for the show!

"They're all here," Drew cheerfully shares backstage. "My mom's here, my aunt's here, my cousins are here, my next door neighbors are here."

"They picked us up from the airport," Alex chimes in.

Photo: Richard Knowles for Kiss 108

The two have used the past couple of years to work on their recent album, "So Far So Good," as well as spending time with loved ones.

"For us," Alex starts, "we were touring so much before the pandemic."

After years of being on the road, the pandemic gave them an opportunity.

"We got to spend time with our families and our loved ones," Alex shares warmly. "Things we didn't get to do before."

But the duo is grateful to perform again.

"It made us all appreciate the things that we were missing so much during the pandemic more now."

"Playing shows again is amazing," Drew reveals. "The best high of all time is connecting with a crowd."

Photo: Richard Knowles for Kiss 108

Watch the full interview here!

Photo: Richard Knowles for Kiss 108

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