6 Things Only Millennials Will Understand

Our friends at elitedaily.com made a list of things only millennials will understand, we picked our top 6!

1.The true joy of being a 90’s kid

You remember taking pictures on disposable cameras and wearing denim overalls and clogs on the regular. On the weekends, you rode your scooter down the street with the neighborhood crew and begged Mom to go to Blockbuster for a movie.

2.The milestone of your first iPod or Nokia brick phone

You'd spend hours syncing up your playlists to this little device and buying music in the Apple Store. Your parents helped you untangle your headphones.

3.The constant need to travel

The travel bug never goes away when you're a millennial. No matter how often you hop on planes, the wanderlust will still find you a few days later. You'll come back from a trip, and already be planning the next one. Will you ever slow down? Probably not until you've checked everything off your bucket list.

Sometimes, you blame the internet for giving you such a passion for this planet. 

4.Your choice to follow an alternative career path

Nowadays, you can travel the world and get paid. Bloggers are finding ways to turn experiences and creative passions into paychecks, while others are running apps from the comfort of their home. The nine-to-five life isn't your only option anymore, and that's hard for some to understand.

5.The need to find a local coffee shop

Finding a local coffee shop and becoming a regular is a dream come true for any millennial. You fully plan on scoping out a spot on your block, wherever you go. You'll bring your laptop and ask for the Wi-Fi password at the counter. The barista will ask for your preference on whipped cream or caramel swirls, and you'll know exactly what you want.

6.The need for avocado toast

You just want to be healthy, and spreading a layer of something green on a slice of bread seems to do the trick. You'll sprinkle a bit of pink Himalayan salt, or even some spicy pepper flakes to kick it up a notch.

Find the complete list here!

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