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Ryan Seacrest

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Your Weekly Horoscopes - March 20, 2023

Happy first day of Spring! Check out this week's horoscopes:

· ARIES – Whatever you’ve been worrying about, you have nothing to worry about! Your week is a 9.1

· TAURUS – You are more than capable of seeing this project through by yourself. Your week is an 8.3

· GEMINI – Walling in resentment takes you to a dark place – pull yourself out of it stat! Your week is a 7.5

· CANCER – You don’t think you are good enough to qualify for what is being offered – stop! Your week is a 9.3

· LEO – Someone in your life is taking you for granted- time to set boundaries. Your week is a 7.7

· VIRGO – Don’t be self-deprecating – accept it, absorb it, and bask in the glow of your work! Your week is an 8.9

· LIBRA – Sometimes doing the best you can…is all you can do. Your week is a 6.9

· SCORPIO – if you are willing to give yourself a second chance, the universe will give you a second chance as well. Your week is an 8.0

· SAGITTARIUS – Something needs to be repaired – an appliance, something with your car, or even a relationship. Give this your attention. Your week is a 7.1

· CAPRICORN - A situation is turning in your favor. Your week is an 8.5

· AQUARIUS – Don’t let your failure deter you from trying yet again. Your week is a 9.5

· PISCES – Your sweet, kind demeanor will be your leverage in a negotiation. Your week is a 7.9

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