How To Make Friends as An Adult


In Today's Tiff Breakdown we'll kick off the episode by catching up on the latest headlines like Donald Trumps Impeachment inquiry and New Music Friday. Then we'll dissect teh art of accomplishing goals on a small scale and how to make friends as an adult. Moving to Cincy i wasn't afraid to make friends living on my own, and i'll share my tips for success ( the follow through.) We'll also chat with a local expert ( in his own life) on living in a tiny house, he built himself ( not one you saw on HGTV!)



Hey it’s ya girl Tiff! I'm pretty easy to talk to and I love to make new friends. A New England native, you can hear me on Kiss 107.1 adding local flare to the Brook & Jubal Morning Show, reporting the latest news or looping you in on need to... Read more


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