Looking Back at My 2020

I really cant believe 2020 is ending. I might be alone by saying i'm going to miss it a little bit.... but it was unique in its own way. This year like many I set out with big intentions to really "figure it out," it some ways I did in many ways I didn't. Either way it looked different but there was still some magic.

This year i turned 30 and felt like I had no idea where my life was going but knew i would still have fun and live in the present as much as i could.

I hosted a huge event ( my favorite thing to do) and one of the only major in person events of this year!

I pet fostered my first animal. Being #SoloInTheCity was still new for me in Cinci when the pandemic started. I decided to take the leap of faith and welcomed a new pup in my home. Pringles was a great distraction and also taught me that getting a dog... is awesome, but not for my lifestyle. It was SO hard to say goodbye to Pringles after three weeks, but ultimately we got him adopted!

Remember when Instagram Lives were THE thing? Lewis Capaldi was awesome and helped me write my Mothers Day card and gave great insight for when i DO visit Scotland.

Over the warmer months instead of bar hopping and exploring the city, my closest friend and I took the opportunity to breath in nature and explore some local destinations we may have never seen if we were tied up in the hustle of life! You ever feel like your own backyard is so pretty, but you never take time to appreciate it? I did a LOT of that this year.

I joined the cast of 700 WLW ( a talk station in Cincinnati.) This changed the trajectory of my career and has taught me so much about my voice and the power of conversation. This role came to me when i needed it most RIGHHT before the pandemic started.. talk about divine intervention.

Safely traveled to Mexico after Thanksgiving. I'm an all inclusive girl so, this much needed sea, sun and drink vacation was what I needed. I also felt extremely confident in my bathing suit like for the first time in two years. I've always been a mover, but i felt like my body had changed without my consent in the past few years. This summer i really stared owning where i was at instead of who i thought I had to be.

I spent a lot of time alone, repeating the same schedule over and over. I usually measure my success by how much I can do in a day, but started to realize that maybe that was my way of just distracting myself from figuring out what I really wanted.