Aquarius; Brace Yourself for 2021!

It's the New Year and Aquarius season and I'm ready for it. It takes most of January for me to even realize I'm in my birthday month, wrapping up the holidays and stepping into a new frame of mind for the NY usually ends up distracting me. Since the value of 2021 is so high (goodbye 2020) I wanted to make sure was being extra intuitive to my spiritual energy and connection to the universe.

To get insight on what my sign and horoscope is offering , I reached out to my friend Raven who has her own astrology/ lifestyle podcast to help me navigate my sign.

She said, "Brace yourself for 2021, its our time! We've shifted form earth energy to air energy. Aquarius favors ideas, creativity, etc. So perhaps you've felt down in the past few years, especially creatively (earth energy does that to air energy)... Well 2021-2023 will change that. Aquarius will face a lot of challenges, but reward will be great. These years are the best time to take an idea you've always had, and run with it. Your goals will manifest much more quickly now, as long as you stay committed and consistent."

That insight made me so excited for all the ideas that live in my head, that often times i found to be dead ends. I truly believe in Earths energy and i look forward to connecting to its great power.

I've included a link to Raven's page and her podcast page 'Astro Candy' for more insight.